Rayvio | XE Series UV Emitter or Star Board LED
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XE Series UV Emitter or Star Board LED

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Medium UV power density in an easy to use format

Offering highly effective distributed UV light, RayVio’s XE Series delivers the broadest range of output options. The advanced XE Series technology enables battery operation for compact and portable applications that serve consumer and professional markets.

Features and Benefits

Proven 6-log (99.9999%) germicidal efficacy at 280nm

Proven effective for skin treatment at 310nm

Portable and compact personal applications are more easily realized because of the XE Series’ small size and higher power output

Industry standard 3535 surface mount package enables high volume manufacturing with existing equipment and processes

Footprint includes electrically neutral thermal path, providing excellent thermal properties

Star board package simplifies thermal engineering and allows for rapid prototyping and development

Product Options