Rayvio | SB4 Ultraviolet Emitter on MCPCB Hex Star
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SB4 Ultraviolet Emitter on MCPCB Hex Star

High UV power density in easy to use format

RayVio’s SB4 offers the highest radiant output of any UV LED currently available. Mounting the emitter on a metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) enables a simpler design and attach methodology for higher radiation density applications. Spectral output peak wavelengths of 285 nm and 310 nm enable powerful and compact applications for disinfection and phototherapy.


Smaller and more compact devices are possible with RayVio’s UV power output of up to 40mW

6-log (99.9999%) germicidal efficacy and highly effective phototherapy are enabled with targeted typical spectrums of 285 nm and 310 nm

Simple assembly and high thermal conductivity are made possible with a metal core PCB package

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