Surface & Air Disinfection


The growing prevalence of infectious viruses and diseases ranging from H1N1 to Ebola to measles is a threat that impacts everyone.

Whether on a plane, on a subway, or at a restaurant, the risk of contracting a potentially fatal virus or disease is an increasingly realistic and serious threat.

RayVio, along with our partners, are developing UV LED disinfection solutions that are mobile, compact, mercury-free, instantaneous, and capable of disinfection in virtually any environment.

Imagine being able to disinfect any surface, anywhere, any time, with an app on your mobile phone, that provides real-time feedback showing guaranteed surface coverage and disinfection efficacy, all with the same simplicity of using the flash on your mobile phone.

RayVio UV LED solutions are making mobile disinfection possible, which will enable everyone to protect themselves, everywhere they go.

In the United States alone, it’s estimated that each year approximately 880,000 hospital patients will contract an infection during their visit. Approximately 100,000 of those people will die from illnesses related to those infections. That’s more than car crashes and gunshots combined.

With LED lighting becoming ubiquitous, UV LED disinfection options for virtually any LED lighting system become a reality. Systems that are capable of disinfecting surfaces ranging from counter-tops, to lavatories on airplanes, to entire classrooms and hospital rooms.

Surface & Air Disinfection