Doctors and scientists are discovering that there are a host of illnesses, ranging from vitamin D deficiency to Psoriasis and even Multiple Sclerosis, that can be treated by exposure to the right dose and appropriate wavelength of UV light.

It’s estimated that three quarters of adults and teens in the United States are vitamin D deficient, whose deficits are being blamed for illnesses ranging form heat-disease to diabetes, and even cancer.

Psoriasis affects nearly three percent of the world’s population, and is especially prevalent in northern climates such Europe, Asia and North America.

Controlled doses of targeted UV LED light is being proven to treat these illnesses, while eliminating a patient’s exposure to harmful wavelengths that are present in other treatment alternatives such as direct sunlight, and mercury lamps.

By harnessing the compact, portable, and durable attributes of LEDs, and unleashing the UV power and efficiency of RayVio UV LED solutions, RayVio and its partners are working with the best minds in medicine, around the globe, to develop a wide offering of home-use, and even wearable medical devices to treat these ailments.