Digital UV curing is a multi-billion dollar market, with products ranging from labels and boxes of consumer products such as beverage bottles and cereal boxes, iPhone cases to magazines, furniture, and even veneer on wood and vinyl based flooring.

RayVio and our partners are developing UV LED curing solutions that are more efficient, cost effective, and higher quality than any other printing solutions available. This allows manufacturers to increase throughput via instantaneous curing, while at the same time requiring less power, reducing ozone, and harmful offgassing. This will create better working environments, increased productivity, thereby enable the UV curing market to thrive.

UV-A LEDs have already been widely adopted by the digital UV print curing industry. RayVio UV LED curing solutions complete this by bringing full-spectrum UV-B and UV-C, solid-state UV LED curing solutions, allowing for the use of all inks and clear coat varnishes. RayVio UV LED curing solutions also enable new applications in 3D printing.